We at Gylling Data Management (GDM) create, market, and support ARM software for managing and summarizing agriculture research experiments.

  • ARM saves time creating trials, analyzing data, and producing the many reports required for successful and timely trial management.

  • ARM is a recognized and respected standard throughout the crop production and protection industry.

  • ARM is used by thousands of researchers in 75 countries worldwide (more than any other integrated research trial management software).





ARM 10 Preview (for 2015 field season)

See an ARM 10 Preview (pdf) of new features, as of August 2014.
We will update this presentation periodically until ARM 10 is released for the 2015 field season.

Welcome to our updated website!

We have updated the look and feel of our website, and have added new features to make things easier to find and to use.
  • The new navigation bar provides comprehensive access to the entire site.
  • The new GDM Products Order form simplifies ordering new or upgrading existing GDM products.
  • The updated Write To Us form makes it easier to request GDM support.
  • The new Search tool provides a quick way to search across the entire site.
  • The revised Frequently Asked Questions page makes it easier to find answers to your questions.

ARM Tablet Data Collector (TDC) is Available

The ARM Tablet Data Collector is a package consisting of:
  • Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet or the rugged Panasonic ToughPad, both with Windows 8 Professional.
  • ARM 9.2014.2+ software with your ARM 9 license installed.
  • SD backup card and USB sync cable.
  • Activation key to enable unique features available only on the Tablet Data Collector (pdf).

Please contact GDM.ARM.Sales@gdmdata.com or your GDM Representative to order ARM Tablet Data Collector. See Tablet Data Collector FAQ for answers to typical questions about the Tablet Data Collector.


Electronic Downloads to Install ARM 9, ST 8, and Sponsor Customizations

Throw away those old program install CDs! The ARM Check for Updates tool will automatically download and install the newest version of ARM 9 and ST 8 software that you have licensed from GDM.
  • On a new PC, add GDM software by selecting this link www.gdmdata.com/ARMupdt/ARMupdt.exe to install and start Check for Updates (choose 'Run' if asked whether to Run or Save).
    • Enter your ARM user name and password on the Login dialog.
    • Select "Install Updates" to start installing the licensed GDM software available to you.
  • If you are a contractor or cooperator, the Check for Updates will also install sponsor customizations you have been approved to receive: BASF, Syngenta, or Valent/Sumitomo Chemical Company. See Contract Researchers for more information.
See ARM Install Instructions (pdf) for more information.
Contact GDM.ARM.Support@gdmdata.com or your GDM Representative with any installation questions, or see Issues Running Check For Updates to diagnose permission problems.


This ARM Brochure (pdf) describes some ARM software features.
This ARM Powerpoint (pdf) also highlights new features in ARM 9.
ARM data quality and usability features such as the one-click Box-Whisker graph, Assessment Map,
and AOV Means Table Report quickly pay for the upgrade cost.
Stop at the GDM display at upcoming professional meetings to see ARM 9 (pdf) or ARM ST 8 (pdf).

Other website updates

Here are the newest website updates:


Organization membership

GDM proudly supports the following organizations as a corporate sustaining member:
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