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Complete the order form below to order from your GDM Representative or GDM:
  • An ARM or ST license, or a Tablet Data Collector
  • An upgrade or to reassign an existing ARM or ST license.
Use the Request Price List form to request pricing information on all GDM products, including ARM, Summary Across Trials (ST), Tablet Data Collector (TDC), and Trial Database (ATD).

International (Non-US) orders

All countries have various tariffs and Value Added Taxes (VAT) charged on imported goods. Although a country may have a zero tariff for computer hardware or software products, there may be additional taxes or fees that must be paid before the goods are released from customs. Payment of any importation fees, customs duties and/or taxes are the responsibility of the customer and are not included in any prices quoted by GDM.      

Pay an Invoice from GDM Headquarters

See our Pay Invoice page to pay a US $ invoice from GDM Headquarters in Brookings, South Dakota, United States with credit or debit card.

GDM Products Order Form

Please Note: Any field with an asterisk * is required to submit this form.
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ARM * -License Type-
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Click checkbox, and then identify license type for license to change or order.
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Statistical Handbook See Statistical Handbook for ordering options.
* Investigator name
1 person's name that is embedded in license, prints on all reports, cannot exceed 38 characters.
* Company name
Full company name that is embedded in license, prints on all reports, cannot exceed 60 characters.
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Emails of the license investigator, required for GDM to email lost license information.
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After the order has been confirmed, GDM will email your invoice. Then please proceed to Pay Invoice by Credit Card.
Note: All GDM Representatives require payment by invoices.

Include invoice number in Comments for invoice order. After the order has been confirmed then GDM will send invoice.
For all European orders please include your European VAT number and VAT address in Comments. Your GDM Representative will confirm this information before sending the final order.

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