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Working with Trials

Learn about features to manage trial information in ARM.

Editor Basics

Learn the fundamentals about the editor screens within ARM.

Editing the Trial Map

Learn the basics of editing the trial map randomization in a trial.

Custom Labels with ARM

We demonstrate how to create custom labels from an ARM trial.

Import Custom Weather Data

We demonstrate how to import weather data into an ARM trial using any weather data source.

Import ClearAg Weather Data

See how to use an Iteris ClearAg subscription to import weather data into ARM trials.

ARM Feature: SE Definitions

Use the SE Definitions tab of the Site Description to plan and define standard evaluations (SEs) to use in an ARM study.

Creating a Split-Plot Factorial Study

Learn how to set up a Split-Plot (factorial) protocol in ARM, and view a Split-Plot trial to see how the treatments are built and randomized in a trial.