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Supported Software Versions and Products Policy

ARM 2017 is the 'current release version' for 2017 field season. ARM licenses are under maintenance, with all program updates and upgrades delivered automatically via internet.

ARM 9 is obsolete and no longer supported, the same as all older ARM versions. Upgrade now to receive support if using an unsupported version.
Beginning with ARM 2015, GDM software requires online activation and is limited to one computer installation per license. (TDC includes one additional activation to install your ARM license on a second computer). When moving ARM to a new computer, simply deactivate ARM on the old computer.
Please note that within a software version listed below, GDM gives free support only for the most recent free maintenance update. Users should always install the most recent free maintenance update before contacting GDM for support. (See the Updates page to update ARM and ST.)


Beginning January 1, 2017, the following are supported versions of each software program:

  ARM 2017
(for 2017 field season)
ATD Tablet Data Collector
Support Status Full Requires current ARM version Full;
Upgrading ARM also upgrades TDC
New Features/ Programming Yes Yes Yes
Support by Email/Phone1
requires annual maintenance beginning one year after purchase
Requires annual maintenance beginning one year after purchase3
Install Program Download only Not applicable
Reassign License Yes Yes;
requires annual maintenance
One-time reassignment
during GDM Support Period 2
Upgrade to 
Newer Version
Requires annual maintenance Requires annual maintenance Yes
Supported Windows Versions Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista*
*Vista Extended Support ends April 11, 2017
Windows 8,10 Pro;
not Windows RT
Requires Annual Maintenance Yes Yes No
Requires Online Activation Yes4 No No
1  GDM provides free support for installations that meet all requirements described below:
  1. The ARM version installed on your computer is your newest purchased ARM version;
  2. The most recent released ARM maintenance update for that version is installed;
  3. Is a GDM supported program version;
  4. Was installed and is currently updated using Check For Updates
    (not an unknown installation from another website, CD/DVD, or company);
    Update checks must occur at least every 2 weeks to keep ARM working;
  5. Is installed on a stand-alone Windows PC
    (not running from a server-hosted Windows and ARM install, sometimes called a "thin client");
  6. The PC is running on current service pack of a supported Windows version (see
    to fully support all ARM features, a Microsoft-supported version of Word, Excel, and Outlook should also be installed);
  7. The Windows version was either pre-installed on a purchased PC, or installed from an official Windows download or installation DVD/CD;
  8. The program is run from a Windows user account with all required user rights and permissions (pdf) for ARM to run properly;
  9. The Windows user account has permission to run the ARM Support Viewer
    (see Using ARM Support Viewer (pdf) for more information).
  10. Internet access - license validations must occur at least every 3 weeks to keep ARM working.
2  "GDM Support Period" for a Tablet Data Collector purchased from GDM: GDM will provide support on software and hardware questions during the tablet computer expected life, which is 2 years for a tablet with a 1 or 2 year hardware warranty, or 3 years for a tablet with 3 year hardware warranty (see TDC Activation Key License Agreement (pdf)). Support only applies to a tablet that was purchased from and configured by GDM or a GDM Representative. A tablet computer configured by a client is not eligible for free support.
3  ATD is supported only on the newest ARM version, beginning 1 year after initial release of the most recent ARM upgrade. Support requires a current ATD maintenance contract. Install the newest release of a currently-supported ARM version before contacting your GDM Representative for support on trial uploads or downloads.
4 Global manufacturers with an active maintenance contract may be exempted.

GDM Supported Software Versions and Products Policy applies only to current software versions. Upgrade now to receive the discounted upgrade price for ARM.

GDM charges $150/hour for support on any system that does not meet all conditions listed above. (Minimum time is 1 hour.)
Examples are for support issues that result from:
  • Installing ARM on a Windows image built by corporate IT, or on Citrix or Terminal Server.
  • Installing a corporate in-house version of an ARM customization on a cooperator or contractor PC when a cooperator/contractor version is available.
  • Moving required ARM folders that are installed by ARM, such as study definition or program folders.