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GDM creates, markets, and supports ARM software for managing and summarizing agriculture research experiments.
  • ARM saves time creating trials, analyzing data, and producing the many reports required for successful and timely trial management.
  • ARM is a recognized and respected standard throughout the crop production and protection industry.
  • ARM is used by thousands of researchers in nearly 100 countries worldwide.


Update to ARM version 2023.0

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See ARM 2023 Release Notes for new features and fixes.

Highlights include:
  • Streamlined 'New Protocol' process
    Interactive checklist of study settings when initializing the protocol. 
    New sections to load study rules and/or SE files in New Protocol process. 
    Or use the new Protocol Template function to copy selected sections from an existing protocol.
  • Trial location planning in a protocol
    Limit who can view rows in the Trial Location table, making it easier to send the protocol to each contracted researcher without the full list of trials visible to all.


Learn ARM with our Training Portal

Improve your skills or learn ARM for the first time with our ARM Academy training portal! Watch tutorial videos at your own pace to earn certification and a greater understanding of ARM software. 
New employees can quickly get up to speed with ARM by taking the Getting Started with ARM course. This two-hour course introduces the basics of the software, readying you for the first research season with ARM and certifies you as an ARM Beginner. This can also be a great resume booster for students!


Introducing: ARM Mobile

ARM Mobile is a new app for taking notes in the field on iOS or Android devices. 


ARM Mobile facilitates the core principles for quality research:

  • On-site data entry
  • Record assessments consistently across dates and locations
  • Review data on-site prior to leaving – only quality/correct data points count in research
  • Data transfer occurs in a professional manner – not transcribed from paper to computer, and not copied and pasted from file to file
Click here for more information or contact your GDM Representative for a review of what your company will need to go mobile!


ARM Software Webinars

Join us on hour-long training sessions on a variety topics, whether you are new to ARM or have used the software for years!

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We will resume webinars in September.
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ARM Training en Español 

Learn ARM from a native Spanish speaker!
Este curso va dirigido a todo público, y su objetivo es promover el conocimiento y uso del software ARM. Se ofrecerán descuentos a estudiantes y precios accesibles para los usuarios leales que ya tengan este software. Además de otorgar Demos con una vigencia de 60 días para aquellas personas que no cuentan con el software y desean conocerlo.
Curso y Manejo del Software ARM
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ARM Product Pulse

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