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ARM is a flexible program for managing research. ARM manages research trials throughout the entire research season. It is designed to manage and summarize on a single-trial basis. ARM is most beneficial for field and greenhouse researchers. Ongoing enhancements make ARM a useful tool for a broad range of agricultural disciplines.

Summary Across Trials

The ARM ST (Summary Across Trials) add-in summarizes ARM trials across locations and years. Researchers, product managers and information technology groups use it to produce summaries of research trials. The resulting information can improve planning of future trials, and can help quantify the consistency of research results.

Electronic Data Collector

EDC (Electronic Data Collector) is an add-in that connects ARM software to supported data collection applications (such as ARM Mobile). Export your trials and certain favorites lists from ARM to be used by data collection apps. Then seamlessly import recorded assessments back into the ARM trials. 

ARM Mobile

ARM Mobile is a notetaking application for trial assessments, on either iOS or Android devices. This app extends ARM software to the field:
  • ARM consistency tools are used across notetakers
  • Offline connection to the ARM trial file
  • Take plot photos, which are renamed and cataloged
  • Review data immediately after the assessment  

Tablet Data Collector

The ARM TDCx (Tablet Data Collector) add-in is designed to efficiently record all information at the trial location directly into the actual ARM trial. TDCx is built to improve the efficiency and quality of assessments, and is optimized for:
  • Touch data entry of assessment data.
  • Taking pictures that are directly linked to the current plot.
  • Directly recording GPS coordinates of plots or trial corners using built-in GPS.
  • Reviewing data quality while still on-site.

ARM Trial Database

The ATD (ARM Trial Database) is an add-in option to store and maintain trials in a relational database. ARM directly exports and imports trials in the database, and Microsoft Office™ products can be used to build customized reports for trials extracted from the database.