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Electronic Data Collector (EDC)

EDC (Electronic Data Collector) is an add-in that connects ARM software to supported data collection applications (such as ARM Mobile or TDCx).
  • Export your trials and certain favorites lists from ARM, to be used by the data collection app.
  • Seamlessly import recorded assessments back into the ARM trials when returning from the field.
  Check out the Electronic Data Collector Comparison below to view the different features of each EDC application. 

Electronic Data Collector comparison

Feature ARM Mobile TDCx Excel Rating Shell
Run on choice of hardware iOS or Android



Data entry features

Touch number keypad for data entry Device-specific Integrated  
One-touch shortcut keys to enter 100, 0, mark missing data, or duplicate the previous assessment value    
Set default assessment value to reduce data entry time    
Single key press for 1-digit assessment scale values (0-9)  
Ensure typed assessment values are in a valid range, such as 0-100%  
Set cursor order to next logical assessment cell  
Zoom editor for improved visibility  
Simplified assessment header and plot description
"Blind assessment" option to hide treatment numbers  
Access ARM dictionaries so valid data entry codes are used Favorites lists Favorites and
full dictionary
Load Standard Evaluations (SEs) to describe assessments consistently  

Data collection features

Store GPS coordinates at trial and plot level  
Capture current GPS coordinates at trial and plot level  
Document damaged plots, to exclude from analysis  
Enter textual comment for each plot  
Collect and update all supported trial information at trial site Assessments
Automatically saves assessment data at end of each plot  
Automatically copies trial to SD backup card at trial close    
Record assessment concurrently from multiple devices  
Professional data transfer (no manual steps after data is recorded)  

Plot pictures

Take pictures with built-in camera  
Automatically link picture to the associated plot  
Rename attached picture to associate with trial, treatment, plot, and assessment date  
Automatically launch and align Windows camera app with ARM    

Perform data quality checks immediately after data entry

Treatment Mean

Standard Deviation

Trial and Control Means

AOV Means Table

Outlier tool

Box-whisker graph

Assessment Map

Heterogeneity & normality checks

Completion Dashboard









ARM Mobile = ARM Mobile app (requires EDC connection and data plan)
TDCx = Tablet Data Collector add-in (requires ARM license)
Excel Rating Shell = Excel spreadsheet created by ARM using "Push to Excel Rating Shell" feature