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Video Tutorials

Below is a list of tutorial series, containing videos that are available to help perform various tasks with GDM products. Each video also has a written version of the content, which can be printed for reference or used to translate the content.
Video quality can adjusted within the video playback window Settings icon. Captions and translations can be accessed here as well.

Getting Started with ARM video series

Start here to learn the basics of the ARM program. We introduce the software, set up the plan for the experiment, and then create a trial and enter data.    ***Earn certification for completing these videos on our ARM Academy training portal instead.***

ARM Introduction
(6 videos)

Learn the ins and outs of ARM software.


(8 videos)

Learn to create and set up protocol plans.


(9 videos)

Learn to create and document a trial in ARM.

Analyze Data and Report Results

Learn the basics about creating & customizing reports, and some of the analysis choices in ARM software.

Generating an ARM Report

An introduction to ARM reports, including options and saving to file.

Statistics & ARM Overview

Introduce statistics with ARM. 3 videos: AOV, its assumptions, & mean separation.



Review data with the Column Diagnostics panel, to deal with assumptions of AOV.

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Protocol Best Practices

Set up a complete protocol with these more advanced features and tips about ARM protocols.



Use Standard Evaluations (SEs) to save time and improve consistency.

Search files
with Study List


Learn the basics of the study list, to filter and search across your ARM files.



Use Paste Special to quickly duplicate treatment lines to multiple treatments.

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Conducting a Trial

Improve efficiency and quality of your trials with these tutorial topics on ARM trials.

Weather Data


Learn how to import weather data into an ARM trial using any data source file.

Custom Labels


Create your own labels from ARM trials to choose the data and format you need.

Weather Data


Visualize daily weather stored in a trial with the Weather Graph tool in ARM.

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Add Features to ARM video series

Expand capabilities with ARM add-ins. Record and review data at the trial site with Tablet Data Collector, and summarize multiple trials with Summary across Trials.   ***Earn certification for completing these videos on our ARM Academy training portal.***


(12 videos)

Learn how to use the ARM Mobile app and EDC connection add-in.

Collect Data
with TDCx

(5 videos)

Learn how to use the Tablet Data Collector (TDCx) add-in.

Get Started
with ST

(3 videos)

Learn the basics about Summary across Trials (ST) add-in.

Looking for more interactive training?

GDM hosts online webinars to provide remote learning opportunities on a variety of topics. Whether you are new to ARM or have used the software for years, there is something for everyone to learn!