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Video Tutorials

Below is a list of tutorial series, containing videos that are available to help perform various tasks with GDM products. Videos can be played on our website, or on our page if the embedded video does not display correctly.
Each video also has a written version of the content, which can be printed for reference or used to translate the content.

Getting Started with ARM video series

Start here to learn the basics of the ARM program. We introduce the software, set up the plan for the experiment, and then create a trial and enter data.    ***Earn certification for completing these videos on our ARM Academy training portal instead.***

ARM Introduction

Learn the ins and outs of ARM software.


Learn to create and set up protocol plans.


Learn to create and document a trial in ARM.

Going Further in ARM video series

Dive deeper into features of ARM that improve efficiency and precision to make the most of the ARM software.

Protocol Best Practices

Set up a complete protocol with these features and tips.

a Trial

Improve efficiency and quality of your trials.

Analyze & Report

Review data, add transformations, and analyze data.

Add Features to ARM video series

Expand capabilities with ARM add-ins. Record and review data at the trial site with Tablet Data Collector, and summarize multiple trials with Summary across Trials.   ***Earn certification for completing these videos on our ARM Academy training portal.***

Collect Data
with TDCx

Learn how to use the Tablet Data Collector (TDCx) add-in.

Getting Started with ST

Learn the basics about Summary across Trials (ST) add-in.

Looking for more interactive training?

GDM hosts online webinars to provide remote learning opportunities on a variety of topics. Whether you are new to ARM or have used the software for years, there is something for everyone to learn!