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Custom Labels with ARM

We demonstrate how to create custom labels from an ARM trial. We export the raw label data from the study, and then use Mail Merge in Microsoft Word to create a label with a custom content structure and format.


Select the appropriate label format(s) to export the right data for your labels.
Save the export data as a .csv file, to be used in another program to create the custom labels.
In Word, use Mailings > Start Mail Merge > Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard.
To create the label content, hand-type the text prompt and then Insert Merge Field.
Add any desired formatting to customize the look of the labels.
To reuse this label template in the future with label exports from other trials,
save the mail merge document.


Creating Custom Labels with ARM.pdf - A "How-To" document outlining the steps shared in this video.
Raw Data Labels Cheat Sheet.pdf - List of label data headings and where the data comes from in ARM.