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ARM Software Updates

Run Check for Updates to install program updates on your PC.
Release Notes are significant features and fixes added in recent updates.
View solutions to common issues that can occur while installing updates.

What version of ARM is on my computer?

The installed ARM version, revision number, and release date can be found in two locations within ARM:
  • When logging in to ARM, version information is displayed directly underneath the login name and password prompt.
  • Within ARM, from the Help menu select About ARM. (This dialog also lists your license and activation information.)
Compare with the current ARM program and GDMdef study definition versions:
  • ARM 2024.0 dated March 18, 2024
  • GDMdef Definitions dated March 21, 2024

How do I update ARM software?

Follow the steps below to install ARM updates:
  1. If ARM is open, close it. ARM must be closed to install updates.
  2. Click this Check for Updates (exe) link.
  3. On the File Download dialog, click the Open button or select Run this program from its current location. (Choices are different depending on the web browser used.)
  4. The install program ARMupdt.exe should begin downloading, and will start automatically when downloading is done.
  5. Select Yes or Run when asked whether to install and run ARMupdt.exe from
    Windows may display a User Account Control dialog asking whether to run ARMupdt.exe. Select Allow to install the update.
  6. Type your ARM Login name and Password on the Check For Updates Log In dialog and click the OK button.
  7. Select the Install Updates button to install all available updates.
  8. Click any Next or Finish buttons that may display for some ARM component updates.
  9. Click the Close button to close Check For Updates after all updates are installed, or select the Cancel button if no updates are available.
See Installing ARM for a video tutorial on downloading and installing the ARM program.
See Getting Started with ARM video series to learn the basics of the ARM program.