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Several training options are available for interested companies and independent researchers.

ARM Software Webinar Week

GDM is proud to announce another week of online webinars! Every day at 2 PM Central we will be hosting an hour-long training on a variety topics. Whether you are new to ARM or have used the software for years, there is something for everyone to learn.
See our flyer for more information about the below sessions.
Monday, April 6: Split-Plot/Factorial Designs
Wednesday, April 8: FAQ's - AOV Means Table Report
Friday, April 10: GDM "Office hours"


On-site Training

If you have questions on how to use the current ARM version and have limited time, a one-day training session is a perfect opportunity to receive in-depth training tailored to your specific requirements.
GDM staff members are available to travel to your site to provide training in the proper use of the GDM software. Training shall be for the purpose of educating company employees in the use of the software.
Our policy for training is to work with the company computer/research persons during training. Many questions are not just how to use the software, but "How do I as a researcher handle this information for my reports?" Answering this type of question requires a joint effort, and also develops local expertise within each company.
If you are interested in hosting a training session at your location, or arranging training at our facility in Brookings, South Dakota, please contact us for a price quotation and scheduling.


Professional Meeting Training Sessions

GDM holds training sessions at certain professional meetings throughout the year. See Meeting Calendar for a list of scheduled training sessions.


Webinar Archives

We record all of our online webinars, for viewing after the event.

Tips and Tricks using TDCx

See how easy it is to record data and take pictures with the Tablet Data Collector add-on while at the trial site.

Reporting in ARM

We cover general reporting topics, including available reports, report sets, print preview, and print options.

Import Weather Data

Import weather data to an ARM trial using the ClearAg connection, and create a custom connection to your own weather source.

Schedule Tasks & Calendar

Learn how to create calendar appointments/tasks within ARM for trial applications, assessments, and other actions.

Applications and Spray Sheets

Tips for documenting treatment applications, and common troubleshooting steps for creating a Spray/Seeding Plan report!

Study List

We will cover the basics of using the study list tool, one of the more underutilized features in ARM!

SE's for Beginners

Learn the fundamentals of Standard Evaluations (SEs) and their advantages when describing your assessment data columns!

Back up your data & Changing computers

Demonstrate the process of moving your ARM to a new computer, and learn the importance of the backup feature in ARM!