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ARM Learning Management System (LMS)

Our Learning Management System (LMS) is an online portal that allows you to watch tutorial videos, track your progress, and earn certification for a variety of courses.
Certification of ARM is a great way to boost your resume and help you navigate ARM to work quickly and efficiently. This is an excellent tool for new employees to quickly get up to speed with the software, freeing up resources of the "ARM Expert" in your group that typically performs the on-boarding process!
This portal allows you to grow in your understanding of ARM as new courses become available. Even experienced users can brush up on the latest features and changes added to ARM each year!

Courses Available

Below are courses within the training portal. Some may be assigned automatically upon signing up, while others can be found in the Course Catalog on the home page when logged in.

Getting Started with ARM

Start here to learn the basics of the ARM program. We introduce the software, set up the protocol plan for the experiment, create a trial, and enter data. This two-hour course is divided into three parts:
  • ARM Introduction (21:31)
  • Protocol Basics (44:39)
  • Trial Basics (50:32)
This course is ideal for new employees and students. It can also be a nice refresher for anyone who had to learn ARM on their own.
Completion of this course readies you for the first research season with ARM and certifies you as an ARM Beginner!

Getting Started with ARM Add-ins

Learn the basics of using the add-in tools of ARM software to expand your capabilities.

Collect Data with TDCx (25:38)

Record and review data at the trial site with Tablet Data Collector.

Getting Started with ST (40:31)

An introduction to summarizing multiple trials with Summary across Trials.