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ARM Mobile

ARM Mobile is an app for taking notes at the trial site, on either iOS or Android devices.
Extend ARM to the field with the ARM Mobile app:  
  • Leverage ARM's consistency tools across all of your notetakers, including Standard Evaluations and Favorites lists.
  • Seamless data flow to the ARM trial file, with no internet connection required during notetaking.
  • Take plot photos with your device, and the images are renamed and catalogued with the ARM trial.
  • Review data at the point of assessment, to maximize the accuracy and quality of ratings.


Modernize your data collection with GDM!

“The industry asked and we delivered. ARM Mobile is a way for the novice and professional researcher to take notes right from their phone. The professional Tablet Data Collector will continue to provide value to the industry and is not going away. However, the high-powered smartphone has become the relied upon method for daily tasks and we know our clients use ARM, every day.”
- Kyle Kepner, President/CEO of GDM Solutions, Inc.


ARM Mobile pricing

To start using ARM Mobile, add a connection and a data plan to unlock exporting and importing with ARM.

Step 1: Electronic Data Collector (EDC) connection

The EDC add-in is the connection between ARM software on the PC and data collection apps like ARM Mobile. Add this connection to ARM computer that will export your trial definitions and "base info" lists to be used by ARM Mobile.**

Step 2: Data Plan

Data points imported from the EDC connection are counted anonymously - GDM does NOT see any of your data. These points are tallied and billed per company invoice, so only one data plan is needed per group. 
**Note: Existing Tablet Data Collector (TDCx) licenses receive a free upgrade to EDC on that device. Thus, a data plan is the only purchase necessary in that situation in order to get started with ARM Mobile!


Next Step?

Contact your GDM Representative for a review of what your company will need to go mobile!
Use the ARM Mobile demo version to try ARM Mobile for yourself.