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ARM Tablet Data Collector

The ARM Tablet Data Collector (TDCx) add-in is designed to efficiently record all trial information at the trial location directly into the actual ARM trial. TDCx is built to improve the efficiency and quality of assessments. This add-in is for:
  • An activated ARM license serial number - TDCx installs onto the same computer as ARM
  • that is installed on one Windows tablet or touch-enabled laptop of your choice (the "x" in TDCx).


Software display optimized for collecting assessment data

  1. Includes integrated touch number keypad.
  2. Pinch-to-zoom for improved visibility in bright sunlight.
  3. Simplified assessment header and plot description.
  4. Automatically launch and align Windows Camera app beside ARM to take pictures.


Assessments are more than just a number

  • Record GPS coordinates at the plot or trial level.
  • Take pictures of each plot for further documentation.
  • Mark a plot as damaged, to exclude from analysis.
  • Add comments to a plot for further explanation.


Collect data more efficiently

  • One-touch shortcut keys to enter 100, 0, mark missing data, or copy down the same value as above.
  • Single key press to enter 1-digit assessment scale values (0-9).
  • Set cursor order so pressing Enter moves to the next logical assessment data entry cell (across multiple columns or down a single column).
  • Collect and enter all supported trial information at the trial site, directly into the ARM trial.
  • Save time by taking pictures with the built-in camera, instead of spending hours sorting and manually renaming pictures.
    • Copies image file to trial folder.
    • Automatically renames picture files to associate with trial, treatment, plot, and assessment date.
    • Attaches image to the current plot in ARM.


Improve the quality of assessments

  • Reduce transcription errors, as data is entered directly into the ARM trial.
  • Checks for out-of-range entries when data limits are defined (e.g. 0-100%).
  • Review data quality while still on-site.
    • Check for outliers from the Column Properties panel.
    • View 'heat map' of assessment values for spatial effects.
    • Generate a box-whisker graph to review treatment variance.
    • Then inspect data for human error, mark the plot as damaged, and document with comments and pictures of applicable plots for future justification.
  • Take photos to document subjective assessments (e.g. rating 1-10) for later review and documentation.


Protect your data

  • Quick-saves data to backup device at end of each plot.
  • Trial is saved onto a temporary folder on the backup device, so data can be recovered if the unit is ever damaged while entering assessments.
  • Automatically copies trial and pictures to backup device when saving or closing the trial.