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Introduction to ARM

Start here to learn the basics of the ARM program.
Note: Earn certification for completing these videos on our ARM Academy training portal instead.

1. ARM Software Overview (5:52)

This is a high-level overview of the ARM Software Suite. We explore the workflow
within the base ARM program, and between its add-in products. We also discuss
how ARM stores and shares information.
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2. The ARM Window (3:27)

Log in to ARM and cover the basics of the ARM window.
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3. Validation Lists Introduction (4:26)

We introduce an important feature found throughout ARM – validation lists.
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4. Program Options (2:29)

Review the most important program options when first starting out with ARM.
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5. ARM Help System (5:51)

We describe how to get assistance with ARM.
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6. Back up and Restore ARM Files (3:52)

Learn how to set up the ARM backup feature, and restore files from the backup.
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