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ARM Help System

We describe how to get assistance with ARM.

ARM Software Overview

This is a high-level overview of the ARM Software Suite. We explore the workflow within the base ARM program, and between its add-in products. We also discuss how ARM stores and shares information.

The ARM Window

Log in to ARM and cover the basics of the ARM window.

Back up and Restore ARM Files

Learn how to set up the ARM backup feature, and restore files from the backup.

Components of a Protocol

In this video, we introduce all of the components of a protocol. A general overview of each editor is given, describing its purpose and functionality.

Components of a Trial (4:24)

In this video, we introduce all of the components of a trial. A general overview of each editor is given, describing its purpose and functionality.

Create a New Protocol

We demonstrate how to create a new empty protocol in ARM, and explore the protocol settings.

Creating a Split-Plot Factorial Study

Learn how to set up a Split-Plot (factorial) protocol in ARM, and how the trial will be randomized.

Creating a Trial (4:15)

In this video, we introduce ARM trials, and demonstrate the process of creating one from an existing protocol template.

Creating an ARM Report Set

Learn how to configure the report list, and how to save and load a report set to use the same set of options in the future.

Custom Labels with ARM

We demonstrate how to create custom labels from an ARM trial.

Editing the Trial Map Randomization  (3:51)

Learn how to edit the trial randomization with the Trial Map editor.

Editor Basics

Learn the fundamentals about the editor screens within ARM.

Enter Assessments with TDCx

Learn the basics of entering assessment data with TDCx.

Filling in the Treatments List

Follow along as we fill in a basic treatments list. We will create several treatments in ARM, demonstrating how to enter treatment information and introducing validation lists.

Generating a Protocol Report (4:42)

In this video we introduce protocol reports in ARM, customize their components, and export the report to a file.

Import ClearAg Weather Data

See how to use an Iteris ClearAg subscription to import weather data into ARM trials.

Import Custom Weather Data

We demonstrate how to import weather data into an ARM trial using any weather data source.
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Installing ARM

We demonstrate how to download and install the ARM program to your computer.

Introduction to Protocols

In this video, we introduce the first component of an experiment – the protocol.

Outlining Treatment Applications

We discuss how to plan treatment applications within an ARM protocol. We will add applications to a study using a repeating section, link the applications to individual treatment line components, and plan appropriate Spray Volume and Mix Size settings.

Program Options

Review the most important program options when first starting out with ARM.

Repeated Measures Analysis

We demonstrate the Repeated Measures analysis report. The goal of this analysis is to determine whether time had an effect on assessment outcomes when the same assessment was repeated at regular time intervals during the season.

ARM Feature: SE Definitions

Use the SE Definitions tab of the Site Description to plan and define standard evaluations (SEs) to use in an ARM study.

Specifying Planned Assessments (8:56)

In this video we will discuss the reasons for entering planned assessments into a protocol, demonstrate with a couple of examples, and introduce editor views by utilizing hidden fields.

ST Introduction Walk-through, Part 1

In part 1 of our ST Introduction walk-through, we cover the three steps
to create a criteria file: select trials to search, choose treatments of interest,
and define assessment data to summarize.

ST Introduction Walk-through, Part 2

In part 2 of our ST Introduction walk-through, we demonstrate the ST Summary
analysis, discussing the contents and format of the analysis.

ST Introduction Walk-through, Part 3

In part 3 of our ST Introduction walk-through, we take a look at the final output
report and graphs. This includes the ST Summary analysis from part 2, plus
AOV tables and two different graph types.

Study List Introduction

Learn the basics of using the study list tool in ARM.

Taking Plot Pictures

We demonstrate the proccess of taking and attaching plot pictures with TDCx.

Treatment Paste Special

Use Paste Special to quickly duplicate treatment lines, for example adding an adjuvant to many treatments at the same time.