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Specifying Planned Assessments

In this video we will discuss the reasons for entering planned assessments into a protocol, demonstrate with a couple of examples, and introduce editor views by utilizing hidden fields.
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By describing the rating ahead of time in the protocol, you ensure that the data is recorded consistently.
Our first planned assessment is a Pest Stand Count taken pre-emergence.
Each assessment column corresponds to one individual rating or assessment.
Our next rating will be a Percent Control knockdown a week after our treatment application.
Our final assessment will be the harvested weight.
ARM can hide these fields from your view, so are not visible on the screen.
The choice of which data entry fields are visible and the way they are presented on the screen
is called the editor View in ARM.


Specifying Planned Assessments.pdf - Contains the script and screenshots from this video tutorial.
Specifying Planned Assessments.mp4 - A link to download the video file, which is saved on