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Recording Site Information

Learn about the various sections of the Site Description editor, to record the conditions under which the trial is conducted. We will also discuss RTF fields, multi-field personal lists, repeating sections, and F5 entry field help as we go.


The Site Description is an ARM editor that consists of many different sections
to enter trial site-related information.
RTF fields are large comment fields that support text with formatting, tables, and images.
A multi-field personal list saves the contents of all fields describing a single entity.
A Repeating Section is a grouped set of fields in ARM, often in a table row or column,
that describe a single entity.
The F5 Entry Field help describes what information should be entered into an entry field.
A free-text field has space for several lines of text, but without any formatting.


Recording Site Information.pdf - Contains the script and screenshots from this video tutorial.

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