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Filling in the Treatments List

Follow along as we fill in a basic treatments list. We will create several treatments in ARM, demonstrating how to enter treatment information including formulation concentration and product rates. We introduce validation lists, including how to find items in the list and how to build a personal list.
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The Treatments editor is like a spreadsheet to enter treatment information clearly and consistently.
A validation list contains the list of valid entries for a field in ARM.
The Formulation Type field is essential for calculating treatment product amounts.
The 'Other Rate' provides a different view of the same rate information.
After filling out a treatment, add the product to your own personal validation list for future use.
Each treatment can have multiple components defined.


Filling in the Treatments List.pdf - Contains the script and screenshots from this video tutorial.
Filling in the Treatments List.mp4 - A link to download the video file, which is saved on