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Outlining Treatment Applications

In this video, we discuss how to plan treatment applications within an ARM protocol. We will add applications to a study using a repeating section, link the applications to individual treatment line components, and use the Mix Size Calculator to plan appropriate Spray Volume and Mix Size settings for each application.


Applications are denoted with letters instead of numbers.
A Repeating Section is a grouped set of fields in ARM, often in a table row or column, that describe
a single entity.
In the Application Code field, enter the application letters of each application that this particular
treatment line component will be used in.
The Application Volume is the amount or volume per unit area to use when applying treatments.
The Mix Size is the amount of mix that is to be prepared in a single "batch".
Use the Application Directions field to provide further instructions for the trialist about these applications.


Outlining Treatment Applications.pdf - Contains the script and screenshots from this video tutorial.