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Making an Application with ARM

In this video, we discuss how to plan and document treatment applications in a trial.
We will explore the Site Description tabs that are used to fill in application details, especially the Application Amount and Mix Size values. We will also use the Mix Size Calculator and the Spray/Seeding Plan report to calculate the exact amount of product to measure for each treatment application.


Enter the time, method, weather and soil details at the time the application is performed, on the Application tab.
The Application Equipment tab is used to fill in details about the equipment used to make the application.
The Mix Size Calculator calculates the minimum amount of mix needed to cover the area of 1 treatment across all reps.
Specify which treatment components are applied at each of these applications on the Treatments editor.
The Spray/Seeding Plan report calculates the amount of each treatment product to measure when making an application.
The Product Amount Totals section lists the total quantity of product needed across all applications and treatments in the study.


Making an Application with ARM.pdf - Contains the script and screenshots from this video tutorial.

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