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Entering Trial Data into ARM

In this video, we discuss the process of entering data into ARM trials. We will fill in the assessment header description, demonstrate data entry and keyboard shortcuts, enter additional experimental unit information, and use a spreadsheet to paste data into ARM. We will also use a spreadsheet to edit the trial randomization.


Each column in ARM corresponds to one individual rating or assessment.
It is important to use the provided validation lists to describe assessments,
because free-hand descriptions create inconsistencies and will be misinterpreted.
An assessment value can have more information than just a number.
There are a few shortcuts for entering data by hand.
You can also copy/paste columns of data from a spreadsheet into ARM.
You can set or modify the trial randomization with Excel.


Entering Trial Data into ARM.pdf - Contains the script and screenshots from this video tutorial.
Describing Subsamples in Assessment Data.pdf - For more complicated sample situations, download our help topic on Sample Size.

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