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Validate Your ARM Trial

ARM validation actively verifies or checks that information entered in a trial is consistent and complete. This is a helpful tool to quickly double-check trial data and catch simple mistakes before sharing with others.
We will introduce the validation process, discuss study rules and their role in validation, and explain the importance of validating trials.


ARM validation is a process that inspects the information entered in the study.
To perform study validation, select Tools > Validate Trial (or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-A).
Tools > Validate Trial (log errors) does not stop when it finds an error, but instead goes through all the procedures and provides a list of all the issues found.
The red color indicates a Required study rule, which triggers an Error when validating. The light blue indicates a Recommended study rule, which only provides a warning if the rule is not met.
We recommend starting the habit of validating each trial after each session with a trial.


Validate Your ARM Trial.pdf - Contains the script and screenshots from this video tutorial.