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ARM Frequently Asked Questions: Contract Researchers



How do I import and open an EDE file?

  1. Select File - Open - Protocol or Trial.  Choose protocol to open a protocol EDP, or trial for a EDE.
  2. Select the down arrow in the List Files of Type combo box.
  3. Select Protocol Data Exchange (.EDP) if opening a protocol EDP or Trial Data Exchange (.EDE) if opening a trial EDE.
  4. Choose the protocol EDP or trial EDE to open.


ARM imports the selected study and displays the imported file.


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Create an ARM EDE file for FieldPro/DuPont

See Create an EDE file (pdf) for instructions on creating an EDE file for FieldPro/DuPont.

Why does ARM advise it is unable to find a particular study definition?

A study definition is a template used to read a study. The message, "Study Definition X-XXXXXX.Def not in current definition directory. Select the directory containing the definition next" advises that the template used to create the ARM study is not available in a location known to ARM. The missing definition is either a study definition (.def), a site description definition (.frm), or both. ARM must have this missing format definition before it can open the study (protocol or trial) that is indicated in the error message.


Possible causes and solutions to this problem are:

  1. The study definition file(s) may be located in a directory on your computer that ARM does not currently recognize. This can happen if the study was created with a customized study definition. Use the file directory dialog that displays to select the required study definition from the directory where it is located. The definition directory path is then added to the list of known definition directories so you will not be prompted again for this information.
  2. The study definition file(s) may not be installed on your computer. This is most likely to occur when opening a study that was given to you by someone else. Choices are:
  • Open the study using a different study definition such as the G-All7 study definition.
  • Contact that person to obtain the study definitions that should be used with the study. Once the study definitions are installed on your computer, you should open the study file again. If ARM gives this message again, identify the directory where you installed the new ARM study definitions to see if files are missing. (When you request study definitions from another researcher, it is important to remember that a full set of ARM study definitions should include all .def, .FRM, .OPT, .LST, .COD, .CHL, .TBL, .TBE, .SYN, and .HLP files in the definition directory).


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