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ARM Frequently Asked Questions: Migrating to a new ARM version



How easy is ARM to learn?

The current version of ARM is very similar to ARM 9, with additional features and usability improvements. Our goal is to continually improve with additional help menus, right-click menu choices, and more single-click action items. Style is similar to Microsoft programs with Navigation Bars, first introduced with ARM 9.

Can ARM open my historical trials?

Yes. ARM can open trials and protocols that use standard GDM definitions that were created with PRM 4 (released in 1989) or newer. Trials and protocols that use special company customizations can also be opened when the required customizations are installed.

Can I continue to use my personalized validation lists that were created with GDM standard
definitions of G-All7, G-Gen7 or G-Seed7?

Yes. We plan to continue using these GDM standard supported study definitions, and updating them with new features.

How can I move my ARM settings, validations lists, and studies to a new computer?

Before using your new PC, use "Migrate Studies and Settings to New Computer" in the Utilities menu of ARM to create a package containing personal lists, report sets, and ARM settings on the old computer. Then, deactivate the old PC, install and activate ARM on the new PC, and use 'Load Migration Package' to install this package on the new PC.
See Transferring ARM to a New Computer (pdf) for details.

What if I do not have access to my old computer to deactivate ARM?

If ARM was not deactivated on the old PC before the hardware became unavailable, GDM can manually deactivate the license. Please use Write to Us to explain why deactivation failed and provide your ARM serial number.

Will I be able to use report sets that I saved previously?

Yes. Report sets are the same in the current ARM version as in previous versions. If any issues occur using your saved report sets, please contact GDM or your GDM Representative so these issues can be resolved.

ARM compatibility guarantee: All saved report sets, editor views, and Excel Report Link documents that you created in ARM 9 or ARM 8 are fully supported by the current ARM version. If you find any differences, send your original saved set/view/report document to GDM along with a clear description of the difference. We will update your saved set/view/report to give the same results as were produced by ARM 9, and return it to you.

How do I install company customizations on new computer?

In ARM select Help then Check for Updates. The Check for Updates program offers to install and update all company customizations for which your ARM serial number is currently approved.
If you work with trials for additional companies that have special ARM customizations and you are not approved to install the customizations, then in ARM select Help then Request Corporate ARM Customizations. This creates a customization request email that you can send to your local company representative. See Request Sponsor Customization (pdf) for more information.

What is the best way to share trials and protocols between ARM versions or customizations?

GDM recommends using the File, Send To, External Sponsor/Contractor command to send protocols or trials to someone else. The ARM Send To command "knows" to send in both ARM 9 and the current ARM study versions, plus include attachments such as pictures and additional files.
GDM does not recommend using the Save As feature to create a previous version format for a client, because Save As downgrades the trial or protocol version, thus permanently losing study information that is not supported in the old, downgraded study format!