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ARM 2016 Release Notes

Below are highlighted features and fixes added in ARM 2016.

  • See the Change Log (txt) for a complete list of all changes made in this version of ARM.
  • See an ARM 2016 Overview (pdf) for a powerpoint of new features added in ARM 2016.
  • Print Reports
    • Form Unit is now used to differentiate products in the Product Amount Totals table.

  • Edit menu
    • Changed maximum number of assessment data columns allowed to be inserted from 999 to 32767. Previously the Insert Column dialog would not allow column numbers larger than 999 to be added.

    • When selecting which treatments to delete, selected treatments are now marked so it is easy to see which treatments are to be deleted.

  • Excel Rating Shell
    • Excel Rating Shells can now be pushed and pulled using the *.xlsx Excel workbook file type.
    • Added 'File type to save' option to change the default file type of Excel rating shells created in ARM. This option is found on the 'Push Trial to Excel Rating Shell Options' dialog.
  • Tools – Validate
    • Added 'Validate study button re-validates entire trial' option to the Tools - Options - Toolbar tab. When this option is selected, the Validate button on the toolbar re-validates the entire trial.

    • Recommended messages are now displayed on message log after validation. Previously the validation process was interrupted to display recommended messages.

  • Study Rules
    • Added support for deleting multiple selected study rules, using the 'Delete Rule' button. Previously only the first rule in a selected block would be deleted.
  • Help menu
    • The date ARM will next connect to the internet for license verification is now displayed on Help - About ARM dialog.


  • Print Reports
    • The page break between reports is not removed if the reports have different orientations.
  • Assessment Data Editor
    • Fixed so color bands are not drawn over a highlighted assessment data block.

  • General
    • Fixed so entering the decimal separator by itself is not allowed in Treatment, Site Description, or Assessment Data header decimal number fields.
    • Fixed so 'Application Equipment Comment' does not get copied to the read-only field 'Protocol Application Equipment Comment' when opening a trial.
  • Augmented Study Designs
    • Added support for 'Augmented Completely Random' and 'Augmented Randomized Complete Block (ARCB)' designs.
      These designs are standard CRD/RCB designs to which additional non-replicated test treatments have been added.

Version 2016.4

August 29, 2016

New Features


Version 2016.2

May 6, 2016

New Features

  • Study Rules
    • Added the 'Lock Treatment line to prevent edits' condition for Treatments study rules:
      • to prevent editing an individual treatment field.
      • to prevent editing any part of a treatment line.

    • Added Protocol and Trial 'Study Rules' reports to the available reports on the Print Reports dialog.

  • Site Description
    • Added support for launching hyperlinks when clicked in RTF fields.

  • Tablet Data Collector
    • Windows camera app can be automatically launched in Windows 10 when entering Tablet Data Entry.
    • ARM window size and position is remembered for both landscape and portrait mode on TDC.
    • Scroll position on Properties panel is now remembered when the panel is refreshed,
      so the panel containing the keypad does not scroll back to the top after entering data.
  • GDMdef
    • Added 'LWA Formula' field on Crop Stage at Appl tab to show the values used in Leaf Wall Area calculations.
    • Renamed 'Plant Foliage Height' field to 'Treated Canopy Height' on Crop Stage at Appl tab.

    • Updated Pest code and Crop code validation lists with the latest codes from EPPO.
    • Added Köppen-Geiger climate zones to the Climate Zone validation list.



  • Print Reports
    • Fixed so only non-zero means are used to calculate the LSD range for transformed data columns on AOV Means table.
    • Print button on the Print Preview dialog once again prints the report. Previously this button did nothing when clicked.

  • Tools – Validate Entry
    • Fixed error 55 when reading corrupted validation lists with invalid byte sequences.
  • Study Rules
    • Fixed so Recommended study rules exported to SE are imported as Recommended when loading the SE, and not imported as Required.
  • Site Description
    • Fixed so negative GPS values are not allowed when a GPS direction of South or West is specified, since the negative is implied for a South or West direction.
  • Graph
    • Fixed so data labels on Bar and Line graphs are formatted based on 'Number of Decimals' specified in the Assessment column - avoids displaying too many decimal digits for calculated data columns.