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ARM 2017 Release Notes

Below are highlighted features and fixes added in ARM 2017.


Version 2017.4

March 27, 2017

New Features

  • Study Header
    • Added Conducted Under GEP field so GEP status can appear in the study header on reports.

  • Site Description - Maintenance information
    • Added the following fields to the Protocol/Site Description – Maintenance table:
      Type, Specific Gravity, Registration Number, Re-Entry Interval, Cost, Cost Unit, Identification Code, and Supplier.
    • The Maintenance Product Name field is now connected to the product lists on the Treatments editor, based on selected Type.

  • Assessment Data Header
    • Added new items to the SART table:
      • Rating Unit MICRON = micrometer
      • Rating Type FORMAT = foreign matter/extraneous matter

  • Study Rules
    • Add a counter to the Navigation bar to display the total number of study rules in the study, and the number of those that have been completed/fulfilled.

  • Tablet Data Collector - Improve panel resizing
    • Add resize button on TDC keypad:

    • Add resize button to splitter bar between header and data sections of Assessment editor:



  • Print Reports
    • Fixed so blank lines are compressed out of the report header for hidden by default fields.
    • Fixed so mix size is shown correctly on Spray/Seeding Plan report, when treatment has a canopy height rate unit and uses the calculated mix size from settings.
    • Fixed so Unicode characters printed to Word display correctly in the Site Description report section headings.
    • Fixed so the column number is not dropped from ARM Action Codes beginning with @ in the Transformation Equations table.
  • Create Trial
    • Fixed error 9 that occurred when Trial IDs were blank in the Trial Location table in the Protocol Description.
  • Connect with Mirus
    • Fixed so text entries exported to HarvestMaster Mirus csv file are surrounded by quotes to prevent error when being imported to HarvestMaster Mirus.
  • Assessment Data
    • Fixed to allow pasting into multiple columns when the study rule 'Lock field to prevent edits' is present. Previously the warning message about changing the field value would appear an infinite number of times.

Version 2017.3 & previous

January 1, 2017

New Features


Connect with Mirus

  • Export a single trial or entire field map to HarvestMaster Mirus software, providing treatment randomization and plot arrangement information for use with HarvestMaster Harvest Data Systems, research sprayers, and other research equipment. Recorded data can then be imported back into ARM for analysis.
  • See Connecting ARM with HarvestMaster Mirus (pdf) for more information.
  • Tip: If ARM is not installed on the same computer as Mirus, create the following folders on your ARM computer so that ARM can import and export Mirus files:
  • ARM Action Code ‘SUMSUB’
    • The ARM Action Code ‘SUMSUB’ sums the subsample values in each plot during analysis, instead of the default action of averaging subsample values for each plot.

  • High Contrast Mode
    • High Contrast Mode toolbar button toggles between the Windows High Contrast color scheme and the current Windows color scheme.
    • This changes the desktop background, color, sounds, and screen saver all at once, for all windows on the PC.

  • Study Rules is now an editor
    • Converted the study rules table into its own editor, instead of just a panel on top of other editors.
    • Added ‘Display Study Rules Editor as split window’ option on Tools – Options – Editor tab. When selected, the Study Rules editor is automatically displayed split with the current editor, when study rules are present.

  • Validate the Study Rules grid
    • During study validation, the study rules grid is also validated, to verify that there are no study rules that are not correctly filled in.

  • Field Map
    • Added 'Default trial arrangement' option to define whether to arrange trials vertically (stacked) or horizontally (side-by-side) when first creating a field map.
    • Added 'Snap trial to grid' functionality for positioning trials in a field.

  • Print Reports changes
    • New 'Classification' option prints a classification image in lower-right section of the report footer on each page. Available classificiations include Internal, Restricted, and Secret.
    • Non-English Unicode characters can be printed on reports without changing the System Locale language in Windows.
    • Changed Spray/Seeding Plan report so Product Amount to Measure prints in bold font when the unit is scaled up/down to a different unit due to large/small values.
    • Footnotes print on all pages of Summary reports, not just the first page.
  • Site Description
    • Automatically size RTF field content to match the current print margins. If the content of an RTF field is not sized appropriately, adjust the print margins and the RTF field content will adjust accordingly.
    • Prompt to select which Trial ID to use from the Trial Location table, if more than one trial is specified.

  • Assessment Data
    • Allow pasting data into a column that already has some data present. The pasted data must include plot numbers. (Previously, a new column would be created with the pasted data.)
  • Tablet Data Collector - Data Entry Mode
    • Added 'Audible verification of key press' option to produce a click sound when TDC keypad buttons are pressed.
    • Windows keyboard is automatically displayed when entering assessment columns in the 'Current selection' data entry option.


  • Print Reports
    • Fixed so mix size overage on Spray/Seeding Plan report is never multiplied by Leaf Wall Area or Treated Canopy Height.
    • Fixed so the entire validation comment is included on Summary reports. Previously certain fields would not be included in the comment when the 'List validation comments' General Summary option was selected.
    • Fixed so missing data ('.') is not printed as '0' to Excel for the Data Verification report.
  • Assessment Data Editor
    • Fixed so values are calculated for all plots in a calculated column. Previously in ARM 2016.4 the wrong calculated value was refreshed when an assessment data value in a source column was modified and the sort order was not Plot order, leaving a blank assessment value.