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ARM 2018 Release Notes

Below are highlighted features and fixes added in ARM 2018.

  • See the Change Log (txt) for a complete list of all changes made in this version of ARM.
  • See ARM 2018 Features (pdf) for a powerpoint of new features added to ARM since ARM 2017.

Version 2018.5

November 2018

Repeated Measures

Added Repeated Measures summary report to analyze repeated assessments across time.
  • Match data columns to identify repeated assessments.
  • Print means and comparison letters for Treatments, Rating Dates, and Treatment x Rating Date interaction.
  • Apply correction to adjust for correlation in repeat ratings (H-F-L or G-G).
  • Include Repeated Measures AOV table on the report:

  • Treatment x Time graph - plot treatment means over time to visually identify treatment interaction across assessment dates:
  • View our tutorial video for more information on how to use this feature!

Mark a trial as Reviewed

  • Track whether a trial has been reviewed
  • Identifies who marked as reviewed
  • Trial Settings > General tab > Reviewed Trial
  • 'Trial Reviewed' action automatically logged in Notes tab
  • Checkbox is cleared when any change made to data in the trial

Create a review group

  • 'Review' study rule defines who is allowed to mark a trial as reviewed
  • Condition field defines who to include in the group.
  • Example: Sponsor wants to ensure the study is reviewed internally.
    Contractor can still create their own separate review group to review before sending back to the sponsor by adding another 'Review' rule for their company.

Additional features

  • Study Rules
    • Added "Merge study rules for selected sections" option, so can choose to not include study rules when merging from another study. This option is only available if the study to merge was created by your company.

    • Validation messages now list the study rule number that triggered the warning or error message.

    • The name of the loaded rule set now displays in the editor heading when a rule is selected.
  • Study Settings
    • Added 'Trial Location time zone' option to General settings. This is used when importing weather data, and links to the Weather Import dialog.
    • Changed Layout option text from 'Buffer' between blocks or plots to 'Alley width':
    • Added Liters as an option for Mix Overage Unit.
  • Site Description
    • Read-only Protocol Comments fields in a trial now support rich-text formatting. Previously the fields were copied to the trial as plain text, which removes any text formatting.
    • Include Column ID in assessment image file name when attaching plot pictures. Previously could not identify which assessment an image belonged to when multiple assessments were taken on the same day.

  • Tablet Data Collector
    • Record GPS dialog displays current GPS coordinates, accuracy, and altitude as position changes.

    • Increased the size of the Pin button on Properties panels so is easier to select on tablets.



  • Site Description
    • Repeating section panels are now resized properly after displaying hidden fields. Previously had to collapse and expand to access the additional fields.
  • Assessment Data
    • ARM Action Codes 'EC' and 'EST' can now be used along with other action codes in the same assessment column.
    • ARM Action Codes 'N' and 'NM' can no longer be used together since they have conflicting actions.
  • Licensing
    • Fixed so number of available activations and deactivations display correctly. Previously both were reported as '0' during initial activation and on Help – About ARM.

Version 2018.3

May 2018

New Features

  • File – Print Reports
    • Changed so calculated minimum mix size is included in the table header when possible.

  • Tools – Merge
    • Changed so blank treatments are automatically removed when performing a merge with another study.

  • Tools – Import Weather
    • Added a progress bar to display the status while weather data is imported.

  • Window – Assessment Data
    • Changed the View Options to allow matching multiple items for the Match column filter.

    • Changed to automatically fill the Crop/Pest Number fields when turning on the Limit Validation List study rule to restrict crop and pest codes to Site Description entries.


Version 2018.2

February 2018


  • Print Reports
    • Fixed so diluent is calculated correctly when a single treatment contains multiple products.
  • Tools – Import Weather Data
    • Fixed so decimal separator is not lost when importing weather data from Iteris and Windows decimal separator is a comma and thousands separator is a period.
    • Fixed so time zone is correctly determined for application weather import when GPS coordinates use W or S direction.

Version 2018.1 & previous

January 2018

New Features

  • General Options
    • Added option to display large numbers on Treatments and Site Description editors in scientific notation.

  • Tools - Import Weather Data
    • Import weather and soil conditions from Iteris ClearAg weather provider into ARM trials.
      • Import current weather conditions into an Application with today's date.
      • Import hourly historical weather and soil data into an Application with a date within the last 2 years.
      • Import daily historical weather and soil data into the Weather table of the Site Description editor.
  • Site Description - Collapsible Repeating Sections
    • Non-grid repeating sections can now be collapsed to fit more sections on-screen.
    • This resolves a couple of display issues when there were many repeating sections, causing a very large number of items to be loaded on the page.

  • Site Description - Application Equipment
    • Added additional fields to specify more information about mix size.
      • Minimum Mix/Treatment - displays the minimum mix size needed for 1 treatment.
      • Mix Overage - specify the portion of the mix size that is the overage for each application.
  • Mix Size Calculator
  • Calculate mix size based on current application settings.
  • Define overage in ARM so can better calculate product amounts
    • Specify in mL or %
  • Press the Tool button in Mix Size field to open this dialog.
  • Application Plan
    • Display all fields necessary for mix size and leaf wall area (LWA) calculations.

  • Adjust product amounts for LWA
    • New option to adjust product amounts for Leaf Wall Area when LWA Application Volume unit is selected, and there is a calculated Leaf Wall Area.

  • Leaf Wall Area in a Protocol
    • Treated LWA is not calculated in an ARM protocol, since values needed for LWA calculation are often just estimates or are unknown.
    • Enter an estimate of Leaf Wall Area directly into the field instead.
      • Press F9 in the field to display a list of common estimated LWA values for certain crops.
    • Information on Application Plan is not copied to the trial by default (to ensure trialist enters the actual data).
      • Select 'Copy protocol Application Plan information to created trial(s)' option if LWA-related values are the same in the trial.
  • Mix Size for Leaf Wall Area
    • Mix size is now entered as the total mix for Leaf Wall Area and Canopy Height treatments.
      • Previously was entered as the mix per 10000 m2 LWA, or per 1 meter canopy height.
  • Spray/Seeding Plan report
    • Include the amount of mix overage present in the mix size.
    • Added option to print the diluent quantity for liquid treatments.
    • When a Leaf Wall Area treatment is present:
      • include the Treated LWA per Plot
      • The LWA portion of the mix size is now reported as LWA per treatment.

  • Crop Growth Stage Scales
    • Added VR and Feekes crop stage scales in GDM definitions, on Site Description 'Crop Stage at Application' tab and on Assessment header.

    • Change between BBCH and VR/Feekes, and stages are automatically converted.

  • Trial Randomization
    • Spatially balance treatments on trial map. Use a randomization optimized to uniformly disperse treatments across the trial, to improve precision of mean comparison analysis.

  • Assessment Data
    • Include Alternative Plot ID, Barcode, and GPS coordinates in experimental unit 'plot' description copy/paste with Excel.

  • AOV Means Table report
    • Added option to perform Levene's test for homogeneity of variance. This is less sensitive to departures from normality that Bartlett's test, so is generally preferred. This is also used on the Column Properties Panel and when testing for assumption of AOV.

    • Perform Spatial Analysis to try to recover information about hidden variables in fertility across the field.
      • Trend analysis - analyze effects across the whole field.
      • Nearest Neighbor analysis - analyze effects only in space adjacent to individual plots
      • Automatic - ARM selects best-performing model


Print Reports
  • Fixed so images always display when printing RTF fields with images close to a page break.
  • Spray/Seeding Plan and Product Amount Totals reports:
    • Fixed so calculation equations and amount totals print correctly when printing treatment tables grouped by factor and the option to sort by application code is turned off.
    • Fixed so option to add Settings overage to Mix Size is used when a new Mix Size is automatically calculated for a Spray Volume entered in the Site Description or Treatments.
    • Fixed so overage is appropriately added to Mix Size when option to add Settings overage to Mix Size is set and Mix Size unit is mL. Previously the mix was made too large causing very large product amounts because the overage was not standardized to liters or gallons before the addition was made.
    • Fixed so totals include all application codes when option 'List product amount totals - Include all application codes in study' is selected.
  • Logo images now keep their original size ratio when resized.
  • Fixed so text does not print with strikethrough font when printing validation list comments.
  • Fixed an error 9 when printing a custom report that included the Trial Comments.