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ARM 2022 Release Notes

See ARM 2022.x Features (pdf) for a presentation of features added to ARM this year.
  • Watch the PowerPoint version in presentation mode to view embedded feature-in-action videos.
See the Change Log (txt) for a complete list of all changes made in this (and previous) versions of ARM.

Version 2022.7

December 15, 2022

Study Rules interface

Added an interface to study rules editor to visualize the rules grid and add rules easily.
New functions added to study rules interface:
  • Duplicate button: make a copy of the current rule, then edit to easily add similar rules.
  • Rule Sets tab: View rule sets that have been loaded in the current study. Also can load additional sets easily.
  • Pre-defined rules: Now simply turned on/off with a checkbox on applicable tab.
  • Save Sets button: Enhanced to include option to save only rules from one editor/section.

Conditional Study Rules

Rules can be conditionally applied: defines when a rule should be activated, based on another field's contents. 
  • For example, require the Crop Planting Rate field, only when Planting Date is filled in.

  • The condition can be based on multiple fields, or multiple values within a single field:

  • Boost your company's "global rule sets" to address specific rules for certain trial types. Ask GDM for help if you want to use this feature, but are uncertain how to add the correct logic!

Send License details

Share ARM license information in an email. Found on Help > Profile and Request Customization dialogs.
Useful to provide ARM details to a sponsor (if requested), to work with their particular studies. 

Version 2022.5

October 9, 2022

Added many new fields to editors for both protocols and trials in standard ARM

Highlights include:
  • New Regulations tab with Harvest Desctruction section
  • More columns in Trial Location table for planning sites in an experiment
  • Crop Description expanded in a protocol
  • Separated Crop and Pest Description in a protocol (to match trial)
See ARM 2022.5 Field Changes (pdf) for more details.

Data Review Enhancements

  • Now highlights values that indicate a failure of data to meet AOV assumptions:
  • Diagnostics recognizes "selected treatments" Action Codes (EC, ETn)
  • Shapiro-Wilk test for normality added to AOV Means Table report
  • Choose how normality tests are displayed on reports:

Version 2022.3

July 25, 2022

Fixes and updates include:

  • ARM now supports R versions 4.2.0 and newer
    • Previously an error occured when logging in to ARM, not recognizing the R installation if a newer version was installed.

  • Importing from ARM Mobile now supports "only pictures" assessments.
    • Previously data values were required for ARM to recognize and import assessments through the EDC connection.

Version 2022.2

April 17, 2022

Trial Signature updates

  • Trials can be signed at any trial status (previously only available when Trial Status=Final)
  • Signing a trial with status=Final (or later) starts an Audit Trail
    • All further changes to trial are logged and you are prompted to provide reason for change:

    • This Audit trail is included on Signature report page when applicable.
  • New study rule to require a signature at a particular Trial Status.
    • Field = what status triggers the rule (Final, Reviewed, or Archived)
    • Condition = who needs to sign the trial


Application Not Applied

Identify when an application is not applied, without removing the application code from the trial.

  • This application not included in product calculations. Displays with a strikethrough on editors and reports.
  • Enter a deviation to explain the circumstances.
  • Allows application date to be blank without failing validation (if marked as NA)

Assessment Image Preview

Updated dialog for previewing and zooming assessment images
  • Improves performance for high-resolution photos
  • Better workflow for using image to reivew or take ratings

Version 2022.0

March 4, 2022

Introducing: ARM Mobile

ARM Mobile is a new app for taking notes in the field on iOS or Android devices. 


ARM Mobile facilitates the core principles for quality research:

  • On-site data entry
  • Record assessments consistently across dates and locations
  • Review data on-site prior to leaving – only quality/correct data points count in research
  • Data transfer occurs in a professional manner – not transcribed from paper to computer, and not copied and pasted from file to file

Colby Equation

Find Standard Evaluations (SEs) for Colby Equation in the 'SE Name' Favorites List:
Use Colby Equation SEs to calculate expected response of applying two products in combination, by using the response of the individual products. Compare actual response to expected response to categorize as synergistic or antagonistic
For more information and an example click here

"Personal Lists" are now Favorites

  • Same functionality, with new name and improved interface!
  • Favorites on same dialog as the full list
  • Shorcut buttons add or remove from Favorites