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ARM ST Frequently Asked Questions

Use this section to get answers for questions you may have about ARM ST (Summary Across Trials).

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What is the ARM ST Program? 

ARM ST (Summary Across Trials) is an add-in option that fits into an installed ARM program.

  • This valuable tool combines and averages similar assessments in ARM research trials across locations and years.
  • ARM ST helps researchers average and report similar trials conducted at several locations, or for multi-year trials.
  • Because ARM ST uses the ARM interface, an experienced ARM user can readily learn to use ARM ST.


Product managers can use ARM ST to average results for a trial series based on a common protocol. ST aids in planning research by identifying existing trials with a specific treatment or group of treatments, and then listing all assessments for those treatments.


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Will ARM ST save me time?

Yes! ARM ST is fast - it is designed to read and summarize trials very quickly! ARM ST can save many hours of time for each series of trials that you summarize. Trial search criteria can be specified for:

  • Treatments
  • Assessment Data Columns
  • General Study Header
  • Site Description

Search criteria can include wildcards. Reports are produced in a format that is very useful for data presentations and year-end summaries of results.


Once ARM ST is installed into your existing ARM program, you can switch between ARM and ARM ST with a single button click. ARM ST features the same on-line help system as ARM and includes an extensive User's Guide including tutorial and quick reference card.


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What are the System Requirements for ARM ST?

ARM ST requires the same system configuration as ARM.
See What are the system requirements for running ARM and ST? for the list of system requirements for ARM.

How do I transfer ARM ST ownership to a different licensee?

  • Because ST is linked by serial number to ARM, both the ARM license and the linked ARM ST license must be transfered together as a pair.
  • If the recipient already has an ARM license, that existing ARM license is automatically reassigned to the person who no longer has ST.
Please fill out our Order Form to request a license reassignment.

ARM ST Brochure

The ARM ST brochure (pdf) describes general features of the ARM ST program.