Gylling Data Management
Providing an Industry Standard Software for Research

Data Handling Service

Dr. Bernd Stratmann, of ADC GmbH and François Mercken, of Demeter Data Management s.p.r.l. provide a service for management and consultancy of a complete development from support in the planning phase to market introduction.
For clients with in-house development department, specific tasks as to client needs will be performed to overcome workload peaks, or provide missing expertise in a specific area. Typical examples: data summaries on a specific project, development of biological dossiers, preparation of presentations and more.

Data handling

Ensure proper data storage (electronically as well as on paper for registration needs)
  • Convert data reports from different sources to a common format.
    (For example data entry into ARM.)
  • Summarize the data and make recommendations based on the data vs. adoption of the planning.
  • Adjust product label as soon as new knowledge has to be included.
The solution for creation of data summary tables from ARM trial data files:
  • We provide you with summary tables from your ARM trial data files in the format you want/need.
    Tables as to EPPO, Canadian reporting format or country specific requirement.
  • All information, including details on trial sites can be included in these tables.
  • Statistical data analysis also across trial sites.
  • "Translation" services provided by agronomists: We create ARM files from your paper reports (French, German or English). For other languages - we will find the solution for you.
See Data Handling on the ADC Gmbh website for more information about their services.