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GDM is proud of its customer support, and has been complimented many times by customers for excellent software support. We fully support the current release version of our software (see Supported Products Policy). We frequently help customers with questions on statistics, and hardware problems unrelated to our products.
GDM strives to provide great support for clients using our software. Many software updates result from clients who share what they wish our software would do, and what new features would be nice to include. We also improve documentation and error handling based on support calls from researchers using our software.
GDM provides free ARM support only for the newest ARM release version. If you have ARM questions or problems, please install the newest release version before contacting GDM for support.
Free technical support is available for registered users of GDM products.1  Several options are available for support:


From the Help menu in ARM:
  • select Contents to access all of ARM's help documentation
  • select References (PDF) to access reference documents, like Quick Reference guide
  • select Request ARM Support to email GDM support staff


For help installing/updating ARM, see Issues Running Check For Updates FAQ




(+1) 605-692-4021
Telephone Support is available Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Time Zone:  U.S. Central Time = Universal Time (GMT) - 6 hours 
(- 5 hours during "summer time" from mid-March to early November)
1  GDM provides free support for installations that meet all requirements described below:
  1. The ARM version installed on your computer is your newest purchased ARM version;
  2. The most recent released ARM maintenance update for that version is installed;
  3. Is a GDM supported program version;
  4. Was installed, and is currently updated, with Check For Updates
    (not an unknown installation from another website, CD/DVD, or company);
  5. Is installed on a stand-alone Windows PC
    (not running from a server-hosted Windows and ARM install, sometimes called a "thin client");
  6. The PC is running on a supported Windows version (see To fully support all ARM features, a Microsoft-supported version of Word, Excel, and Outlook should also be installed;
  7. The Windows version was either pre-installed on a purchased PC, or installed from an official Windows download or installation DVD/CD;
  8. The program is run from a Windows user account with all required user rights and permissions (pdf) for ARM to run properly;
  9. The Windows user account has permission to run a common screen-sharing software, such as ARM Support Viewer (pdf);
  10. Internet access - license validations must occur at least every 3 weeks to keep ARM working.


When submitting a question...

In order to help us answer your question, please include the following information:
  1. Your full name, country, and email address.
  2. Name and serial number of the licensed software user, and the program version number.
    Click on the Help menu, then "About ARM" or "About ST" to access this information while the program is open.
  3. Your company or institution name.
  4. A detailed description of the problem, including the exact text of any error messages that occur. If possible, please list all steps that led up to the particular problem.
  1. If the question is related to a report or graph, please include your study file and report/graph options. The best way to include this information is to use Help > Request ARM Support to package all pertinent settings and files into an email.

Screen-Sharing Support

GDM provides a method of computer screen sharing to provide support, based on the commercial TeamViewer application.
ARM Support Viewer (exe) shares your computer screen so an ARM support person can see the computer screen to help answer questions or solve a problem with GDM software on a PC. Contact your GDM support person, and tell them your ID and Password displayed on the support viewer so they can complete the connection.

Note: ARM includes an ARM Support Viewer link on the Help menu. You should only need to use this website link when having problems installing ARM, to display your computer screen during an install.

See Using the ARM Support Viewer (pdf) for more information