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ARM 2020 Release Notes

Below are highlighted features and fixes added in ARM 2020.

  • See the Change Log (txt) for a complete list of all changes made in this version of ARM.
  • See ARM 2020.x Features (pdf) for a presentation of features added to ARM this year.
  • See ARM 2019.x Features (pdf) for a presentation of features added last year.

Version 2020.0

February 11, 2020

Graph Weather Data

Visualize daily weather in a trial with the new Weather Graph tool.
  • Plot up to 3 data fields per graph.
  • Use left and right Y-axis for mixed units.
  • Plot cumulative data or individual values.
  • Select a custom date range to plot.
  • Summarize plot data within chosen date range (Min, Max, Avg)

Apply spatial models to assessment data columns

New ARM Action Codes apply a spatial model to an individual data column.
Determine which model to use with new descriptive statistics and recommendations on the Column Diagnostics panel. (at right)
Spatial analysis adjusts mean estimates to attempt to recover unexplained error in a field. Use when the blocking design fails.