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ARM Frequently Asked Questions: Connections


Import Weather Data

ARM version 2018.1 released January 2018 supports directly importing weather through an API service of which ClearAg is our first and only option at this time. The ARM weather grid has been modified to include historical and current weather information and soil data into ARM trials.

Why did ARM weather integration begin with ClearAg?

GDM began working with Iteris ClearAg based on a recommendation from one of our corporate clients. ClearAg is a global source for current and historical weather data. Their available Weather APIs could be effectively integrated into ARM, providing a very convenient way to directly load historical weather information into ARM trials. See Improve Field Trials with ClearAg Premium Weather and Soil Content (pdf) for more information.
Many clients have been asking GDM to collaborate with other research information sources, simplifying bringing information into ARM. Our first project was connecting with the HarvestMaster Mirus program, to push trial maps to Mirus, and pull harvest information from Mirus. Connecting with ClearAg to obtain trial-specific weather information is the second project.

Are there plans to integrate other weather sources into ARM?

Yes. During 2018 GDM will add a method to import weather data into an ARM trial from a local weather station that exports in a .csv format.  Based upon recommendations from our clients, we will also explore other available weather API providers.

GDM does not provide a subscription to ClearAg, how can I obtain a subscription to ClearAg weather API to use with ARM?

Request information from ClearAg at:

Who will answer my questions about ClearAg weather subscriptions, pricing, and ClearAg product capabilities?

Contact ClearAg directly as they support their product.

How do I use my subscription witin ARM?

See Import ClearAg Weather Data for a video demonstration
of importing weather and soil conditions into ARM trials.

How can I import ARM trials into a simple database?

Use ATD, the ARM Trial Database.
ATD is a relational database for storing and retrieving trials based on standard ARM study definitions.

Connect with Mirus

  • Export a single trial or entire field map to HarvestMaster Mirus software, providing treatment randomization and plot arrangement information for use with HarvestMaster Harvest Data Systems, research sprayers, and other research equipment. Recorded data can then be imported back into ARM for analysis.
  • See Connecting ARM with HarvestMaster Mirus (pdf) for more information.