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ARM Frequently Asked Questions: Ordering



How do I order ARM? 

Fill out our Order Form to order ARM or upgrade an existing license.

Is ARM an electronic download?

Yes. After ordering ARM, GDM or your GDM Representative will send an email verifying your company name and investigator name as listed on the order form, plus the login password and the download instructions.

Is there a discount for current ARM researchers to upgrade?

Yes. Provide your ARM serial number (Help, then About ARM) with the upgrade order, and the applicable discount is applied to your order. The upgrade process changes the licensed ARM version that is associated with your ARM serial number.

When is the lowest cost to upgrade to the current ARM version?

GDM always provides the lowest price, or "best deal", when a new version is released.

How do I request a price sheet from GDM and GDM Representative?

The best way is to send an email using the GDM Write to Us page. GDM or your GDM Representative will reply with our harmonized price list. The prices are quoted in US $ or Euro € according to location, and any conversion rate is applied during payment.

Is it possible to receive an ARM demonstration?

Yes. Contact GDM using Write to Us page to request a Free Software Demonstration.
The free demonstration version provides a preview of all ARM features for evaluation purposes only. This demonstration version:
  • cannot perform GLP/GEP.
  • cannot request corporate customizations.
  • is valid for a period of 30 days.

Does an obsolete ARM version have any upgrade value?

Yes. Provide the ARM serial number, and the license can be upgraded at the discounted "New ARM Full additional license" price located on the Price List.

Are there special ARM license offers for a university?

If you are a university researcher in a country directly supported by the GDM headquarters (a country not listed in Representatives by Country), then use Write to Us and request "special university offers to help educate our future researchers using ARM".