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GDM publishes the ARM Product Pulse newsletter every quarter with current topics and tips for using GDM products.
This quarterly newsletter highlights new features in ARM and helpful tips to address common questions from ARM users.
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Below is a list of previous issues of ARM Product Pulse, including a description of the main topics covered in that issue.

Issue 13 October 2021

ARM 2021.2 information, including new signature feature and user profile. 

Issue 12 June 2021

ARM 2021.1 information, including site description drop-down lists, additional Merge functionality, and new feature highlighting.

Issue 11 March 2021

Highlights from the ARM 2021.0 update, including shortcut buttons and Column Diagnostics analysis into reports.

Issue 10 December 2020

ARM 2020.5 updates and training opportunities, including upcoming webinars and free graduate student license offer.

Issue 9 September 2020

New online ARM training options and 2020.2 update highlights: trial contacts and new study rules.

Issue 8 June 2020

Copy application column, study rules, live beginner training, and stability improvements in 2020.1

Issue 7 February 2020

Graph weather data, add spatial analysis to data columns, and watch tutorial videos about trials

Issue 6 October 2019

ARM 2019.8 highlights: Non-parametric statistics, column diagnostics, and Trial Location GPS

Issue 5 August 2019

New Trial Fact Sheet report, renaming plot pictures, ARM Help and right-click menu

Issue 4 May 2019

2019.3 update highlights: custom labels, quick views and importing custom weather data

Issue 3 February 2019

Meet the new SE Definitions feature, and see a recap of our NAICC training

Issue 2 December 2018

Repeated Measures analysis, copy studies using merge, protecting your data

Issue 1 July 2018

Mix size calculator, import ClearAg weather data, spray/seeding plan report updates